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Added even more possibilities to adding text and graphics.
Date 1997
Moved graphic choices from clip art to actual photographs.
Date 1997
Made it possible to speak into a microphone and the words to be transferred directly to the computer.
Date 1997
Added more possibilities to managing text, graphics, and sound.
Date 1996
The initial flash was a basic editing tool.
Date 1996
Provided a medium to transfer large files from one computer to another.
Date 1995
Along with NCSA Mosaic, it made it easy for anyone to view the Internet.
Date 1994
NCSA stands for National Center for Supercomputing Applications. It is a web browser.
Date 1992
Made color printouts affordable and attractive.
Date 1991
An affordable flatbed scanner.
Date 1991

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A timeline of the history of Multimedia.
Created by gallahark on Sep 09, 2011
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