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2006 reissue of the 1992 debut album by the industrial rockers from Sweden, featuring group leader Joakim Th�str�m, formerly of Ebba Gr�n in the 1970's and Imperiet in the 1980's and known for his solo work simply under the moniker of Th�str�m. He acknowledged that the German industrialists Einst�rzende Neubauten are one of his favorite bands and their influence can be felt throughout Peace Love & Pitbulls' recordings.
Released 1 Jan 2008
Peace Love & Pitbulls: Tastrom (vocals); Sporrong (guitar, programming); Hell (guitar, keyboards, bass, programming).Additional personnel: Stefan Brisland-Ferner, Jonas Lindgren (violins); Mikael Wikman (drums, background vocals); Mikael Svanberg (background vocals).2nd Rel
Released 24 Oct 2006
Peace, Love & Pitbulls was first released as a solo album, but the industrial rock and the musicians fit Th�str�m so well that he cemented the project into a permanent band. But his fans found it disturbing enough not to buy it, to the extent that it sold less than any other album by the groups Th�str�m had been in. His intention with the project seems to have been to get out of the pompousness he had ended up in with his solo albums and the last
Released 13 Apr 1993

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