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Director: Maestro Julio Liz�rraga Osuna.Recording information: Luz Record Mazatl�n, Sinaloa.
Released 9 Feb 2010
Photographer: Pedro Caballero.Recording information: Luz Record Estudio, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.
Released 4 Nov 2008
Into its fifth decade as a collective by 2008, Banda El Limon, led by Rene Camacho, brings out the fire in all seventeen of its members on PUROS CORRIDOS Y ALGO MAS. With a western flair, the outfit blasts through eleven upbeat, yet romantic tracks.Recording information: Estudio Luz Record.
Released 13 May 2008

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Timeline of Original Banda el Limon de Salv Discography
Created by discography on Oct 02, 2011
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