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Amp - Amended ProducRecording information: Candy House Studios, Los Angeles, CA.Photographer: Christian Arias.
Released 14 Sep 2010
Photographer: Christian Arias.Recording information: Candy House Studios, Los Angeles, CA.
Released 14 Sep 2010
EU pressing includes two bonus tracks. Evolution can no longer be denied as merely a theory when there is proof like Marques Houston. His fourth solo effort, Mr. Houston, puts aside the youthful crooning of an industry playboy to offer his maturing audience what it sounds like to sing in love. After releasing Veteran in 2007, Houston took a near two year long hiatus from recording, which he had never done before, and, when he was ready, told lon
Released 27 Apr 2010
A triple-threat talent and performing veteran--counting his tenure with `90s pre-teen R&B act Immature--Marques Houston may not have the strongest vocal chops but makes up for it as a versatile entertainer, acting and dancing in teen-oriented films and, more recently, taking on producing duties on solo albums and for acts such as B2K and Destiny's Child. MR. HOUSTON, the singer's fourth solo album, continues in the vein of previous efforts, focus
Released 29 Sep 2009

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