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King Django's Roots & Culture BandTraditional Jamaican ska and reggae with a twist: mad Yiddish flavor in the mix!?King Django, known as one of America's premier reggae and ska artists, now introduces his most unique and vivid assemblage yet. Travelling the halls of both his beloved Jamaican vibration and Jewish heritage, King Django's Roots & Culture Band pairs musical and blood families in a titillating twist of traditional Hebrew folk, klezmer
Released 22 May 2007
A seminal force in the American ska & reggae scene, KING DJANGO has made his name internationally as a singer, ragamuffin MC, songwriter, arranger, instrumentalist (trombone, ukulele, harmonica, melodica, etc.), producer, studio engineer and record label owner (Stubborn Records).On his newest album "Roots Tonic," Django has enlisted an all-star cast of NYC's finest ska/reggae veterans. The result: twelve crucial roots reggae cuts utilizing tuff o
Released 4 Jul 2006
If you haven't noticed a pattern yet here at Megalith, it is that we continue to work with artists and musicians that have been a driving force in the ska scene for many years now. King Django has been doing the ska since the early 80's and continues to release a wealth of excellent tunes with a wide variety of bands. Besides singing and playing he is also a prolific producer for many of the east coast bands such as our very own Westbound Train a
Released 30 Mar 2004
The preceding solo effort from Jeff Baker (aka King Django) was a brilliant fusion of ska, reggae, and klezmer traditions that looked like a joke at first glance but turned out to be surprisingly serious and deeply moving. This follow-up finds him heading in an entirely different direction, focusing on his toasting skills and drawing on dancehall, metal, and reggae influences. It's an interesting departure for someone who is known primarily for h
Released 24 Apr 2001
Ska/klezmer fusion? Covers of "Night Boat to Cairo" and "Do Nothing" sung in Yiddish? An eerie, churning reggae instrumental punctuated by brief arguments in favor of a Saturday sabbath? It must be a joke, right? Well, no. In fact, Jeff "King Django" Baker (better known as the leader of the legendary New York ska bands Skinnerbox and the Stubborn All Stars) is dead serious with this project, which brings together his family's Jewish culture with
Released 15 Sep 1998

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