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Jan Garber's recording career ran from 1918 until 1971. He had his own unique 'sweet sound' and the band had a loyal following of dancers and radio listeners during the late 1950s, the period captured by this collection. Twenty-four standard tunes, twelv
Released 21 Apr 2009
vocals by Liz Tilton & Bob Davis 1944
Released 25 Dec 1999
16 tracks from Garber & His Orchestra, feat. Carol Kay, Bob Davis, Joe Zammer, Jack Dougherty, Sonny Annis, Bob Milliken, Carl Ladra & many others Personnel includes: Jan Garber, Carol Kay, Bob Davis, Joe Zammer, Jack Dougherty, Sonny Annis, Bob Miliken, Carl Ladra.
Released 13 Jul 1999
Jan Garber is most famous for leading a popular dance band in the 1930s and '40s, one that was originally inspired by Guy Lombardo and featured shaking saxophones and rather sickly sweet music that sounds laughably dated today. However, before he turned mostly toward schlock, Jan Garber had a surprisingly viable jazz/dance band in the 1920s. This CD from the collectors' TOM (The Old Masters) label mostly dates from 1926-29, and it is filled with
Released 28 Dec 1998
Garber w. His Orchestra, feat. Liz Tilton, Bob Davis, Jan Garber, Russ Wagner, Frances Annie, Donald Hass, William Kleeb, Robert Milliken, Carl Ladra & many others Throughout most of his career, Jan Garber led sweet bands with quavering saxophones that were a competitor to Guy Lombardo. However, from 1942-45, he gave in to the pleas of his 12-year-old daught
Released 28 Jul 1998
Jan Garber & Orchestra. Decent, but hardly essential. ~ Ron Wynn1939-1947
Released 8 Apr 1994
Often lambasted by jazz critics, the "sweet bands" of the 1930s and 1940s weren't jazz bands so much as jazz-influenced pop units. It's best to judge a CD like 1939-41 (which consists of World War II-era transcriptions that went out to radio stations but weren't released commercially until Hindsight acquired them in the 1970s) by pop standards instead of jazz standards; as far as pop goes, these performances (some of which feature singers Lee Ben
Released 8 Apr 1994

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