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contact info: Cathy Jean (staff), PO Box 7371, Baltimore, MD, 21227, USA (410) 242-7742, cathyjean@cathyjean **********"This one hit me like a rock. Cathy Jean is far from unknown to my ears so you would think that her confessional and confrontational rock chic - and I mean that in the nicest possible way - persona would have no more than a muted effect on me by now. However, and I should have suspected something given the striking cover art, s
Released 15 Mar 2011
** 2005 WAMA Nominated Best Blues Album!! **** 2005 WAMA Nominated Best Female Blues Vocalist!! **Please note and say a prayer for the passing of everybody's way too cool for school bass player, Wade Matthews. Amen brother.Cathy Jean is a life-long musician, dedicating her soul to blues, rock, and roots music. All songs by Cathy Jean, except "Paint My Fence", by Cathy Jean and Keith Stafford. All lyrics are printed in the CD booklet. Most heartf
Released 23 Aug 2005
Released 3 Dec 2002

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Timeline of Cathy Jean Discography
Created by discography on Oct 02, 2011
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