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Released 29 Sep 2009
Additional personnel: Dubb 6, Pretty Black, T-Bone, Twisted Black.
Released 25 Sep 2007
Big Chief stretched their dollar provided from Sub Pop -- intended for use to record one Singles Club release -- to record the clutch of tracks collected on Drive It Off. These were originally released as singles through various labels, and Pennsylvanian indie Get Hip did the honors by compiling them for portable listening. With each release that followed, this disc became increasingly developmental sounding, since the band grew considerably from
Released 1 Jan 2005
BIG CHIEF was born and grew up in DETROIT MICHIGAN and now lives in ATLANTA GA. CHIEF has crafted a unique midwestern/dirty south style that will grab you and will not let go until the cd stops. Some stories are true and some are pure fiction but it is pure hardcore entertainment.COMING SOON (HOLLA AT ME) the album (GANGSTERWALK) the ep. and BIG CHIEF (TO HARD FOR RADIO) the underground album all of the music is made for cars with banging sound s
Released 20 Aug 2002
On its 1992 Sub Pop debut, FACE, Ann Arbor's Big Chief kicks out the jams, further expanding the grunge label's range beyond the Pacific Northwest. Combining Sabbath riffs with Motorhead raucousness, the group also nods to such Michigan pioneers as the Stooges and MC5, resulting in a powerful (if not terribly original) sound, as heard on the hard-charging "Drive It Off."
Released 1 Jan 2002
Celebrating 30 years of existence -- of which five had yet to pass at the time of its release -- Platinum Jive mines for golden nuggets from critical picks and pans like 1969's Titty Twist Whitey, 1973's We Gotta Impeach Nixon, and the yet-to-be-released Disco Pete's Clam. It also selects tracks from the members' vanity projects, most notably lead singer Barry Henssler's straight-to-midline 1983 solo outing. (No doubt many urban youths apprehensi
Released 18 Oct 1994

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