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The debut recording for Andy Narell is quite an impressive project, considering it is his own band and not a combo comprising all-star players. While guitarist Steve Erquiaga, electric bass guitarist Rich Girard, and percussionist Kenneth Nash are accomplished players in their own right, they are not standouts, but in this case, that is a good thing. The ensemble plays together quite well, and as Narell's precision steel drum is clearly the lead
Released 17 Aug 2010
A groundbreaking force in steel panning who has pretty much single-handedly forged a jazz-inflected genre all his own, Andy Narell again showed the world the vast potential of his chosen instrument on his 2004 album, The Passage; that disc featured a 30-piece steel pan orchestra from Paris called Calypsociation, in addition to jazz legends Michael Brecker, Hugh Masekela, and Paquito d'Rivera. While perhaps not as logistically complex in scope --
Released 27 Feb 2007
This is an Enhanced audio CD which contains both regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files.Recorded live at The Blues Room, Johannesburg, South Africa on May 7 & 8, 2000. Includes liner notes by Andy Narrell.All tracks have been digitally mastered using HDCD technology.Steel pan virtuoso Andy Narell releases his first "live" recording Live in South Africa on this great two-disc enhanced CD recorded at the end of his April 2000 tour to wh
Released 24 Apr 2001
This is an Enhanced audio CD which contains regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files.Principally recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California; Sear Sound, New York, New York; Palais De Congres, Paris, France.All tracks have been digitally mastered using HDCD technology.The insert to Andy Narell's ultra festive Fire in the Engine Room perfectly explains the concept of the recording -- to feature the steel pan master's interaction wi
Released 25 Apr 2000
BEHIND THE BRIDGE is an enhanced CD containing both a full audio program and multimedia computer files.Combining jazz and world music was nothing new in the 1990s; Jelly Roll Morton had done exactly that in the 1920s with what he termed "the Spanish tinge." Nonetheless, world music was something that still had great creative possibilities for jazzmen, and one innovator demonstrating such possibilities was Andy Narell. Having recorded two excellen
Released 25 Aug 1998
"Multicultural" is a word that musicians tossed around a lot in the 1990s, but claiming to have a multicultural outlook and actually showing that you have one are two different things. With The Long Time Band, Andy Narell provides an example of honest-to-God multiculturalism. Think about it: you've got a Jewish-American musician who is using an Afro-Caribbean instrument from Trinidad (the steel pan) to play a style of music that came out of the A
Released 29 Aug 1995
All songs written or co-written by Andy Narell except "Street Dancin'"More often than not, the steel pans are used for playing the traditional sounds of Trinidad. Andy Narell has successfully utilized them in a variety of non-traditional ways. On the ambitious and highly eclectic fusion release Slow Motion, elements of everything from Afro-Cuban salsa to Brazilian samba to African music are fair game for the adventurous, even visionary improviser
Released 15 Jan 1994
All songs written by Andy Narell except "Green Ballet" (Vince Mendoza).Andy Narell is the Jimmy Smith of the steel drums, an innovative player who has been responsible for introducing his instrument to jazz. On this CD Narell shows off the surprising versatility of his instrument, not only playing spirited Latin jams and calypsos but also heartfelt ballads and more complex works. The lively yet diverse date is a strong example of Andy Narell's ta
Released 12 May 1992
Though not among Andy Narell's best albums, Little Secrets is a decent jazz/pop/R&B/world release that has more pluses than minuses. Clearly overproduced and overarranged, the album could have done without Narell's pointless overdubs -- nonetheless, he doesn't outright smother the material, and gives himself enough room to blow, stretch and improvise. The CD's most noteworthy offerings include "Don't Look Back" (which begins with an Asian feel be
Released 3 Oct 1989
One of Andy Narell's most exciting and unpredictable albums, Light in Your Eyes ranges from the exuberant to the quietly introspective. Narell, who embraces electric keyboards and acoustic piano in addition to his main instrument the steel pans, is undeniably inspired on everything from the driving post-bop number "A Stitch in Time" to the poetic, South American-influenced "The Strayaway Child" to the somewhat Joe Sample-ish title song. World mus
Released 15 Apr 1989

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